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Overcoming Fears

Made From Moss Agate Crystal

Best Worn: near navel


Fears limit you. In crisis situations, fear helps your body react instantaneously, but fear, when heldOvercoming Fears Group on to, will wear down your ability to respond. At times we can be fearful for known reasons such as fear of failing at some task, fear of the dark. We can have fear of not being accepted but many times we experience fear for unknown reasons, it is like a sense of dread that we can not not shake. We know on a cognitive level that it is unfounded but still we are unable to move into a place of strength. The LT™ Overcoming Fears helps with overcoming a fear maybe by facing it, sometimes it means seeing through it, sometimes it means gently releasing old anxieties. This LT™ helps with your own process of overcoming fears by moving you into a place of strength, security and safety. This enables us to react appropriately to any given situation.


Overcoming Fears Single  $27 USD



Overcoming Fears Jewellry

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When I was made unexpectently redundant, after a week later I was left with an overriding feeling of sadness. I wore the 'Grief' LT for a day, had a good cry for the first time - and I mean I sobbed and sobbed. By the next day, I felt lighter, more optimistic and accepting of what had happened.



H.Matkin, England

I found that I felt very drained after working with clients every day until I started to wear the 'Shielding From Other People's Energies', I now can do more clients



G.Butler, England


A few months ago I bought a Life Transformer from you. It has improved my sons sleep and I have been pleased with it. I would like to order another one for my other son.(A Protection From Geopathic Stress LT )

W.A. Surrey, England


Wearing my Overcoming Fears LT is wonderful, I feel like I am getting a warm hug.



E.S. Northumberland, England


...situations began to change for me almost as soon as I put them on. 3 months later I feel I've come a long way in removing myself from a situation that had been rather stuck and very bad for my self esteem, ongoing for 9 years. An unhealthy pattern has definitely changed."  (Shielding from Other Peoples Energies LT & Opening My Heart LT)

F. Fallon England


I had been giving treatments to a lady who had been bullied by her husband, not physically, but verbally. It came up in testing that she needed the 'Confidence' LT which she bought. On the next session she told me that she had told her husband that he was not going to verbally abuse her anymore! Things between them both have now improved significantly.

Gina Butler, England