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The Care and Feeding of Life Transformers


Regular washing will maintain the effectiveness of the LT™. This washing is for energy, not grime!

Wash all LTs™ under cold running water for about one minute daily for best effectiveness.  

This process is to rinse away extraneous energies the LT™ accumulates as it does its work. If the LT™ becomes saturated with that energy it will lose some or all of its effectiveness.


When the gemstone is in prolonged contact with the skin the acids of the skin can etch the surface of the gemstone. This does not harm the effectiveness of the LT™ but is takes away the shine. Washing will minimize this. Another thing you can do is to polish the surface of theThe Care and Feeding of Life Transformers™ LT™ with a tiny bit of bees wax every once in a while.  

Give your LTs™ a hug sometimes! A good place to store your LTs™ when you are not wearing them is to hang them around the neck of your favorite stuffed animals. We are certain that they appreciate it.

In some cases these outside energies are so strong that the gemstone can change color and has sometimes been reported to crack. In a few uncommon situations people have reported the LT™ virtually shattered, and fell into pieces. In that situation the person might need to wear multiple LTs™ of same type and wash them more frequently. Washing the Life Transformer™ usually restores the original color.  

If you drop the LT™ on a hard surface sometimes it will fracture into two or more pieces. Pease note that each piece still works as an original LT™, so carrying all the pieces gives the same benefit as the original intact LT™.  

Running the LT™ through a washing machine and / or dryer cycle usually does no harm, although it can cause either the gemstone or silver eyelet to expand and result in a loosening of the fixture or a cracking within the gemstone. It should make it grime free, though!  


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When I was made unexpectently redundant, after a week later I was left with an overriding feeling of sadness. I wore the 'Grief' LT for a day, had a good cry for the first time - and I mean I sobbed and sobbed. By the next day, I felt lighter, more optimistic and accepting of what had happened.



H.Matkin, England

I found that I felt very drained after working with clients every day until I started to wear the 'Shielding From Other People's Energies', I now can do more clients



G.Butler, England


A few months ago I bought a Life Transformer from you. It has improved my sons sleep and I have been pleased with it. I would like to order another one for my other son.(A Protection From Geopathic Stress LT )

W.A. Surrey, England


Wearing my Overcoming Fears LT is wonderful, I feel like I am getting a warm hug.



E.S. Northumberland, England


...situations began to change for me almost as soon as I put them on. 3 months later I feel I've come a long way in removing myself from a situation that had been rather stuck and very bad for my self esteem, ongoing for 9 years. An unhealthy pattern has definitely changed."  (Shielding from Other Peoples Energies LT & Opening My Heart LT)

F. Fallon England


I had been giving treatments to a lady who had been bullied by her husband, not physically, but verbally. It came up in testing that she needed the 'Confidence' LT which she bought. On the next session she told me that she had told her husband that he was not going to verbally abuse her anymore! Things between them both have now improved significantly.

Gina Butler, England